Men’s Fashion Tips _ How to Organize Clothing Colors

Color can appear to be such a puzzle when it comes to clothing.

There are some people out there who appear to have it all together, who look to be dressed absolutely all of the time – and then there are the people, who cannot figure out what shirt goes with what pair of pants.
It does not help that mature clothing is considerably more complex than kid’s clothing. Remember how the whole Garanimals clothing line for kids featured nothing but color-matched bits – and how any pair of trousers would match literally any shirt? This definitely is not the case for men’s fashion
Thus, to help out with that, to make color-organizing simpler for men’s clothing
– here are some ideas on how best to fit colors when putting outfits together.

Now, these are not really ‘rules’, as there can be many variations on how

color is put together; yet, following these ideas can at least get you out the door without looking like a clown:

Prevent Coloured Trousers

Colored trousers don’t look great on men. Keep your trousers a fundamental, neutral color-black, or some shade of gray, tan, khaki, or brown will do nicely and will be straightforward to fit. Or, if you’re dressing for a casual day, jeans would be fantastic!
Since you’ve selected neutrally-colored slacks (or jeans), the remainder of your ensemble is not going to be hard to pick as far as colors go.
If your trousers are black or gray, avoid tops that have any color of brown in them as these won’t match nicely. Trousers that are tan, khaki or brown or jeans can be paired with nearly any color of shirt.

What color hoodies to wear?

The color of your hoodie should depend on what trousers or pants you are wearing. The type of shoes you are wearing also makes a big difference. Be sure to always match accordingly. Since hoodies come in many different styles and colors, you can feel free to get creative with the type of hoodie you wear and it’s color. For example the Assassin’s Creed hoodie comes in many different color shades and have great style. But the style needs to fit your own personality as well.
Here is a great video for tips on buying the perfect hoodie:

At the end of the day, the color of your clothing really should come down to personal taste and however you are feeling that day. Don’t be afraid to test out unique or outrageous colors as this is a great way to really express yourself!